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Believe Bangles with a hidden message on the inside of each bangle. These make truly personalised gifts which can be treasured forever.

My Believe Bangles are hand stamped with an inspirational word/quote and our trademark heart or initial of your choice on one end of the bangle.

My Bangles can be personalised with your choice of wording on either one or both sides.  They can be as personal as you choose. 

Believe Bangles are made from solid 5mm wide sterling silver, sleek in design, fully adjustable and so comfortable they can be worn every day.

The Bangles are hand stamped, not machine made, and due to the nature of hand stamped jewellery, the letters will not be lined up exactly the same as the photo but this adds character to a piece and it means each bracelet is totally unique!

Sterling silver 925

All items are handmade

Small items will be dispatched as soon as possible, normally in 2 - 10 working days, depending on stock availability

 Please allow 1 - 4 weeks for larger/personalised pieces unless otherwise stated or arranged 

 If you require a piece for a specific date, or have any other questions, please get in touch